| About Concentric

Concentric helps you unlock the full potential of your liquidity. It is a decentralized exchange (DEX) liquidity aggregator that sources liquidity from multiple DEXs, and optimizes your LP position to maximize yield. Concentric Vaults are a new way to earn yield on your crypto. Vaults automatically invest your assets into the highest yielding opportunities, so you can sit back and watch your crypto grow.

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| How Concentric Works

Start earning yield in a few clicks

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To get started, connect your wallet and navigate to the Vaults page.

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Select the asset you want to deposit, and click “Deposit”.

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Once the transaction is confirmed, you can start earning juicy yields on your deposit.

| Real Yield

Sustainable Value Accrual through Protocol-Generated Revenue


Protocol-Generated Revenue

Concentric Vaults generate yield by strategically lending your assets across multiple protocols and optimizing your position to maximize yield.


Long-Term Value Accrual

Users can earn $CONE by depositing assets into the Vaults. $CONE is the governance and value accrual token for the entire Concentric ecosystem.